About Us

Prairie Promise Lean Beef is part of a fourth generation family owned and operated cattle ranch, Morgan Ranch. Located in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills, located 18 miles northwest of Burwell, NE or 18 miles northeast of Taylor, NE.

Our family manages the entire processes from birth of the calves to direct shipping to you.

The cattle are raised in the untouched, native Prairie of the Sandhills. 

Cattle are finished on a nutritionally balanced diet. Each beef animal is allowed time to reach their natural finished conditions.

NO growth hormones or animal products are given to any of the cattle.

Harvest is done at a USDA inspected facility that holds the highest standards for humane care and harvesting.  Carcasses are Air chilled prior to fabrication.  All carcasses are USDA inspected and sorted for our specifications. Our beef is aged 30 days before flash freezing to seal peak flavor and tenderness.  No extenders or preservatives are ever used on our beef.  Each steak is Individually vacuumed packed.