Shipping Policy

  • Every week FedEx Express picks up orders, Monday through Thursday. Nebraska weather is unpredictable and Prairie Promise Lean Beef will experience shipping delays from time to time, due to floods, blizzards or any other weather condition that may occur.
  • Timing is very important when shipping our beef. We at Prairie Promise Lean Beef like to send your beef within 24 hours when ordered Sunday through noon on Thursday.  If your order is received on Thursday, after we have packaged and shipped, your order will be shipped on Monday. 
  • Prairie Promise Lean Beef ships your order in special shipping containers that are designed for small delays in shipping. Our beef products are individually packaged and frozen. When receiving your order, you can refreeze your beef product if it has started to thaw. 
  • Delays through FedEx, are out of Prairie Promise Lean Beef’s control. We keep a close eye on the weather and any other delays that may arise. If needed, we'll reach out to you to formulate a shipping plan that works best.